You’ll Be Smitten by a Hand Holding Mitten!! Free Knit Pattern

With only a few more days until Valentine’s Day – If you are planning to knit a gift for your Beloved, it is time to kick yourself into high gear and get those needles clicking like a herd of Chihuahuas on a hardwood floor!  This knit mitten pattern gives a new twist to an old standard.  I love it!!

When you go out in the cold, and you still want to hold hands with your Honey, but it’s quite difficult when you both have gloves or mittens on.  They keep sliding, exposing your delicate wrist skin, and are just a general pain in the patootie!

Enter the Smitten for Mittens pattern, which is a larger mitten that has two cuffs on it so that you can put in on both your hand and your fella’s hand so you can hold hands skin to skin and stay toasty warm while doing so!  Ingenious!!

Special thanks to Julie Weisenberger from for sharing this creative and fun solution to cold hands!

You can download the knit pattern directly from Ravelry by clicking here.

Be Well Friends!

Laura & Bruce

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