Crochet the Manger this Season – Free Pattern!

As the Holidays approach in these last few days, we often become so swept up in the hustle and bustle and shopping for that perfect gift, and the ringing of bells, that we lose sight of the real reason for the Christmas Season.  This sweet crochet pattern will serve to remind you and hopefully all those who see it, of what is really important in life, such as love, human kindness, and doing to/for others what we would want someone to do to/for us.

I have always wanted to make one of these sets, because I have been enthralled by the Nativity Scene in many different styles and mediums.  When I came across this little crochet Nativity Scene, I knew two things – first, that I need to share it with you, and second, that I will be making it myself for next year!

It will be the perfect thing to use up some of the smaller bits of yarn in my stash, and the color of the robes can be at your discretion, so no limits on what colors you unearth for this stashbuster!

Special thanks to Let’s for sharing this free pattern with us!

To view and crochet Part 1 of the free Nativity Set, please click here.   Part 2 will be posted tomorrow, so please stay tuned!

Be Well Friends!

Laura & Bruce

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Latest Comments
  1. Pat Wedertz

    I click to sign up but it tells me I have to pay for membership..

    • Laura and Bruce

      Sorry, they used to be free but now they are not.

  2. bernadette

    Hi 🙂 I signed up to Let’s Knit but there is no additional link to the actual pattern? Have I missed a step?

    • Laura and Bruce

      Sorry they used to be free but now they are not.

  3. Cindy

    Can anyone share the pattern here? I had registered but cant log in!

  4. T. C.

    I am having the same problem. Where is the FREE nativity pattern? My email is here, please email the link?

  5. Deepa

    Thank you so much for the lovely pattern.. I downloaded part1 and made Mary and Joseph. But I’m unable to download the part 2. Kindly help me with part 2 pattern please so my set will be complete. Thank you

  6. Maria Morin

    Can’t get on w/o a password?When I try to ask a question I get the ‘Oops! We can’t find that website AFTER I’ve typed in my info..
    Not happy!

  7. Maria Morin

    Can’t get on w/o a password?

  8. Kristin Kvarme

    When will part two be published?

  9. Karen

    I am unable to sign up on the Let’s Knit site. I continue to get error messages.

  10. Lisa

    Well it won’t let me register so can’t get the pattern… :p 🙁

  11. Gerlinde van den Bos

    Hi there , can you help me with part 2 of the crochet nativity scene, posted in December 2016? can’t seem to find it on your site. Thanks for your help.

  12. Yvonne LAI

    I try to register as a member but the computer said that my input might be spam and so it’s discarded. I have tried different email addresses but failed. How can I register as a member? Thanks.


  13. Rose

    I can’t download this pattern?

  14. Samantha

    Fantastic patter! Thanks! Do you happen to know how many hours this set will take to complete?

  15. Lylia Prete

    Beautiful nativity set but……I have followed every link and every pin and I can not find the actual pattern. I had several friends try too on their laptops and nope!, could you please email me this beautiful pattern. .?

  16. Tammy

    After following all the links, the pattern says knit, not crochet. I only crochet.

    • Laura and Bruce

      Hello Tammy

      I’m sorry for any confusion that you may be experiencing. The pattern is in a magazine called “let’s Knit’ – but the pattern itself is indeed crochet for the Nativity scene – you just have to sign up to log into the site (it’s free), and then you can download the pattern and crochet to your heart’s content! I hope that helps!


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