Free knitting pattern for gorgeous cowl!

Knitted or crocheted cowls have become the “new” scarf!

The reason being is that they are smaller, more portable if the weather warms up, and there are no ends/tails to step on, it encircles your neck with a warm comfort, and doesn’t usually ever fall off!  I make tons of cowls and donate them to organizations that help people in need with a little warmth in the winter, and have almost always used free knitting and crochet patterns to do so.

If you knit and crochet, you know that crocheting seems to go faster, so it can be handy to make gifts when you are short on time.   However, I find that knitting is more of a meditative or “Zen” experience, where patience is paid off by way of a lovely finished product.

The cowl I have chosen for today is quite lovely, and thanks to the eyelet rows (simple YO’s), it drapes and falls nicely on your neck.  This is more of a cowl “recipe” than an actual pattern, so it can be universally modified to suit the wool and needles of your choosing!

Thanks to SourCherries for this terrific free pattern or recipe.

Please click here for access to the free knitting pattern for this cowl, and as always, don’t hesitate to let us know what you think about it, or if you have any questions for us.

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