Knitting from the year 1870

Looking for some Vintage Knitting Patterns?

free knitting patternAlthough there are a lot of new patterns and techniques out there today, sometimes the older patterns come back in style.

Some of them are so classic and intricate that you want to just try them again.

Here is a collection of knitting patterns from the 1870’s.

Here are the 13 patterns that on the Grandmothers Pattern Book.

1. A Knitted Border for a Bedquilt

2. A pattern suitable for a knitted quilt

3. a stitch for comforters, carriage shawls, etc.

4. A knitted pattern with raised embroidery

5. A table cover border

 6. A pattern suitable for blankets or comforters

7. a pattern suitable for knitted curtains

8. A knitted insertion piece

9. A nice pattern with many uses

10. The Peacock’s Tail

11. The Spiral stitch

12. The knotted stitch

13. The German Brioche stitch


Visit Grandmothers Pattern Book to see these Free Patterns…

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