Crochet a One Hour Cowl

Crocheting a One Hour Cowl

crochet cowlIf you are particular then it may take more than an hour.  If you are a fast crocheter, then less.  So don’t hold us to the hour.

It is a fast crochet though as you just make a chain of 45-55 stitches. Place it around you neck for fit and adjust if necessary.

Virginia admits that she can’t even read a pattern and her skills have not progressed beyond the basic stitch.  Yet she put out this great looking cowl.

Difficulty: Beginner

Yarn: 1 ball of a soft chunky yarn

Hook: 12mm (you can choose you own size depending how tight or loose you want it.

Optional: 3 large buttons/


Get the Pattern here at  Fynes Designs



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