Here are 21 Things Only Knitters Know.

If you are a Knitter, you will Relate to This.

This article was on a UK web site and as I read it, I went yup, yup and yup.

Number 11 is my favorite.

Knitting is fun. It’s challenging and useful and draws you into a community full of interesting and talented people.

It also sometimes makes you want to throw your beautiful, hand-dyed, merino yarn into a corner and stab yourself in the eye with your needle.

I’ve been knitting for 12 years and, with more than a few dropped stitches along the way, I’ve learned some things.

Cats and small children must be kept away from the knitting basket.

It turns out it’s perfectly reasonable to take a couple of sharp, pointed metal things on a plane.

Although a difficult project can be a love-hate relationship, once you’re hooked there’s no turning back.

Here are 21 things every knitter knows.

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