Crochet and Knitting are Portable Yes, But Not Quite THIS Portable!

Most of us who knit or crochet have probably taken their craft with them out of the house at one point or another, whether it was to crochet or knit on a road trip or bus ride or afternoon in the park with the family.  It is wonderful that our projects can be so portable that we can squeeze in any extra free time that we have to work on them.

However, this lady in Russia however, takes the notion of the portability of her craft just a little TOO FAR!!  If you watch the video, you will see her driving by another motorist WHILE KNITTING with no hands on the wheel! Or was it crochet?  Which it is, is obviously not that important.  Can you even imagine??  My jaw dropped when I saw her!

Special thanks to Jake Polden from MailOnline for sharing the article with us.  Be sure to take a minute and watch the video in the article too – busy bumper to bumper traffic on a main roadway with traffic going both ways, and she appears to be crochet and drive at the same time, neither of her hands are on the steering wheel, and she’s glancing down at her work.  There is no way I would be able to drive like that!  How about you??

To read the news article and watch the astonishing video clip, please click here.

Be Well and Be SAFE Friends!

Laura & Bruce

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