Knit this Delicate Nymphadora Scarf – Free Pattern

You have spent the last few months rushing around in a hurry to get everything done for everyone else so that they would have a good holiday season.  Now that it’s over, it’s high time you indulged yourself in a “just for you” knit paired with some luxury yarn for a fiber treat for your senses.  This free Nymphadora knit scarf pattern is breathtaking in it’s simplicity, as soft and as light as a whisper, yet as warm as it is ethereal.

One of the very best things about this scarf knit that I love, is that it is so simple that beginners and advanced knitters alike will be able to tackle it.  It is the perfectly portable small project for on the go, while commuting or busing to work, at kid’s sports practices or games, or even on your lunch hour or break.  Anyone can complete this gorgeous scarf and wear it with pride.

It uses segments of color, so if you have remnants of appropriate yarn from other decadent projects, this would be a good place to use them, and then you get a “spoil yourself rotten” treat without any cash outlay!  Nirvana!!

Special thanks to OlgaJazzy for sharing this delicate, free knit scarf pattern with us.

To view the pattern and get as excited as I am about taking on a special new knit project that you know will be spectacular,  please click here.

Remember to post pictures of your finished scarf and/or any other projects.  We would love to see them!

Be Well Friends

Laura & Bruce

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