Bananas Need Sweaters Too!! [Free Knit Pattern]

Today, I have for you a very quirky pattern which Bruce and I found both fascinating and very unexpected!

It is a free knit pattern for a Banana Sweater – not to be confused with a “Banana Hammock”!!   *Grin*

Nature made the banana one of it’s most perfect fruits.  It is a powerhouse of nutrition, portable, easily peeled, and does not take any time at all to prepare for eating.  It is somewhat delicate however, and if you take your banana out with you to work, school, play or anywhere else, you may find that your banana gets bruised schlepping around in your backpack, satchel or carry-along method, leaving unsightly brown spots in it’s delicate flesh!

I have also found that if you carry a banana in your purse – before too long you will notice that the inside of your purse begins to smell like bananas.  This clever little knit Banana Sweater eliminates that issue for you, leaving you to enjoy your snack or lunch without worry, or sideways glances from coworkers or friends!

Special thanks to Christine Grant, and her blog for this fantastically creative idea!

Please click here to view the picture of and instructions for your very own Free Knit Banana Sweater Pattern!  Show your banana the love it deserves today!!

Be Well Friends

Laura & Bruce

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