Knit the Empire – Free Pattern!

Honest to goodness, there is so much hype (well-deserved though it may be), surrounding the new Star Wars Movie that was just released, that even knit patterns with the word “empire” in them are rising to the top of search engines everywhere!

That is how I managed to find today’s gorgeous knit – a sweater called “The Empire Pullover”.

It is a lovely and straightforward knit and is universally appealing, regardless of what universe you are in!

The pullover also looks so straightforward in fact, that a confident beginner may be able to tackle it as their next challenge in building their skills and knitting confidence.  I am also just an email away if you get stuck with anything and will do my utmost to help you.

It looks great in the nice light neutral, but would look equally good in some nice vibrant jewel tones or with color blocking and/or ombre shading between the upper and lower sections of the sweater.  Don’t be afraid to personalize it and make it your own!

I even suppose you “could” if you were so inclined, use up some extra yarns in your stash by making it a more casual striped offering too.

Special thanks to Skacel and Robin Melanson for this free Knit Empire Pullover Sweater pattern today!

To view and contemplate whether or not you wish to knit this sweater, please click here.


Be Well Friends!

Laura & Bruce

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