Knit Some Preemie Hats for Charity!

Charity begins at home, they say.  There is a phenomenal cause just waiting for all of us to help out, and that is to knit and crochet Preemie Hats to help the countless premature babies born each year, who, without having something to keep their tiny tangerine or orange sized heads warm, do not stand as great a chance of making it!

Babies, especially the fragile premature ones, lose a great deal of their body heat through their heads.  With their precious little heads covered by a knit or crochet hat, they have to use less body resources to stay warm, thus freeing up those inner physical resources for strengthening and healing their little bodies.  In some cases, you are literally giving them the gift of life and survival!

These tiny knit hats are quick and easy to make, will use up all your sport weight, baby, or DK yarn ends, therefore being an excellent stash buster, only costing you your time, and the compassion and love in your heart that makes you want to help these precious little lives!  Please make sure that the yarn you are using is machine washable, light and very soft because these babies have very fragile skin!

Special thanks to Carissa Browning and for sharing these free Preemie Hat patterns with us!  Make a bunch of them!  Spread the love far and wide!  Remember that they have preemies overseas too, and if you can donate to them as well as to our own, that is a whole new level of blessing for all – you for giving, and the babies and grateful parents who receive them, thus increasing the wee one’s odds of survival!

To download these free knit Preemie Hat patterns, won’t you please click here.

**Please try to find the time to give us a couple clicks on our Google Ads on The Spinner’s Husband Website (no purchase necessary) to help us.

*****With this post in mind, and as a token of our appreciation for you, we have decided to launch a Preemie Hat-tastic Contest!  The rules are simple.  Make as many Preemie Hats that you can between now and the “witching hour” on October 31, 2016, and donate them to a neonatal unit somewhere near you, or mail them to an overseas charity provider.  Let us know how many you have made, and take and post a picture of the items you have made, and a picture of you hand delivering them to the organization of your choice on our Facebook page.  We will collect all of this information, and then choose the Grand Prize Winner of a surprise Knitting Gift Box from us, and we will also choose 10 other knitters to win the secondary prizes, which will be either wool, or a knitting tool/utility etc, as a token of our appreciation for your efforts on behalf of the Preemies and their very grateful parents!  Also, if you are “bi-stitchual” and can both knit and crochet, please check out our crochet page as well, as the contest will be announced there and crochet preemie hat patterns will be posted tomorrow!

We hope for some really good participation and activity, and can’t wait to start seeing the photos begin to roll in!  Good luck to each and every one of you!

Be Well Friends!

Laura & Bruce

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