Knit a Pair of these Oven Mitts – Free Pattern

Chances are, you or someone in your life is going to be taking and placing numerous things in and out of the oven over the next few weeks.  Knit them (or yourself) a lovely pair of Oven Mitts to protect their tender skin!

This free pattern for the Knit Oven Mitts is a quick knit, and would make a lovely Christmas or Hostess gift for someone on your list this holiday season.

You can make them in appropriately holiday’ish colors, or you can make them a color that could be used year round, which would be more practical in my opinion.  You can stripe them or use an ombre transition, and I’m sure you have dozens of skein remnants that you could use to do just that.

The pattern’s creator has suggested buying ready made t-shirt yarn, or making t-shirt yarn from two large men’s t-shirts to use in the pattern, however you can of course always substitute yarns if you would prefer.  The t-shirt yarn is along the same lines of cushiness, and would work equally well I am sure.

Personally, I have always used cotton yarn to make my potholders, dishtowels and oven mitts, but of course, that is entirely up to you and your preferences.  I just find that the nice thick cotton yarn cushions and protects better than regular yarn does.  If you want them super insulated/cushy, you can even double the strands and go up a size or two in needles.  I also suggest washing and drying them before use, to allow any shrinkage, which tightens the fabric and plumps it up a little more.  If you are giving them as gifts, don’t wash them up ahead of time, because you want them to look brand new, but you can suggest to the recipient that they wash and dry them first before use.

If you wanted to make them holiday or theme appropriate, you could also make some little knit or crochet appliques which can be found by doing a quick web search, or if you are stuck, let me know and I will see what I can find for you.  Let me know also if you are looking for knit or crochet appliques, so that I can locate the correct type for you.

Special thanks to Melissa Somerville for sharing this free knit Oven Mitt pattern with us, to protect hard working hands everywhere!

To download and print this pattern for the knit Oven Mitt(s), please click here.  The pattern is for a single one, but of course if you want a pair, just make two of them!

Be Well Friends!

Laura & Bruce

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