Crocheting the Bullion Stitch – The How To

The Bullion Stitch is beautiful when done.

The bullion stitch is a special stitch formed by wrapping the yarn several times around the crochet hook (usually 7 to 10 times), and then pulling a loop through.

It can be used as a decorative stitch for jewelry, flower making or as a pretty edging.

How to Crochet: Bullion Stitch

Start with a test swatch of single or double crochets. I used crochet hook size G in this example. You will also need a knitting needle. If you don’t have a knitting needle, you can use another crochet hook or a tapestry needle. The whole idea is to wrap the yarn around both the crochet hook and the knitting needle to give it more space so you can pull the crochet hook through without getting stuck! 

Place the knitting needle flush against the crochet hook.

Wrap the yarn 7 times around both the needle and the hook from back to front.

Move the knitting needle down a bit, holding the loops in place with your finger.

Take the crochet hook and insert into the next stitch, still keeping the loops intact around the hook and needle.

Pull through a loop.

Then – the moment of truth! – Yarn over, and pull both the crochet hook and the needle together through all the loops.

This is what a row of bullion stitches looks like:

You can even crochet around a circle for a cute flower.
Good luck!

I know it took me a while to master this stitch. But it was worth it!

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