Crocheted Mittens! Free Pattern

Today, I am featuring a crocheted mitten pattern, to help warm hands and hearts everywhere!

There is a size here for everyone in the family who spends alot of time outdoors in the winter!

If any of you have small children, you may also know how easy it is for them to lose their mittens, just like the kittens in the beloved nursery rhyme.    One way of solving that issue for me was to create an “idiot string” (as my dearly departed Grandma used to call them), to join both mittens together via a crocheted chain which has each end attached to the cuff of one of the mittens.  They can then be fed through the child’s (or adult’s) coat sleeves, and if the mitten falls off, it just hangs there beside their hand waiting to be put back on a chilly fingers again!  No more lost mittens!!  That worked well for me when my kids were small, and now for my 7 year old Granddaughter, and is a bonus for sure!

Many thanks to Red Heart for the pattern.   When you click the link below, please know that you do not need to purchase anything at that site if you don’t wish to.  All you need to do is use the DOWNLOAD Printable Instructions line just below the photo of the mittens, and you are on your way!

Another nice bonus is that they are made with worsted weight yarn (Weight 4), so they are quick to whip up!

There is also tutorial just below the link to the pattern which is designed for a Left Handed Crocheter which you may find interesting!

Get Your Free Crocheted Mitten Pattern Today!!

Be Well Friends,

Laura & Bruce

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