Crochet some Tangle Free Earbud Covers – Free Pattern!

If you like music and use earbuds to listen, or have a youngster or teenager who uses them, you know they will tangle and pull frequently, and sometimes it damages the tiny, somewhat fragile wires to the point where they don’t work anymore and require you to purchase another pair!  This amazing free crochet pattern helps to minimize that inconvenience and expense!

This brilliant protective crochet overlay helps keep your cords tangle free and they may last longer as a result too, which would be an added bonus, because a good pair of earbuds is not cheap!!

It is even a super-thrifty crochet pattern, because there is no need to purchase any yarn for it, because you can use remnants of previous projects left over in your stash, so it’s an awesome stash buster, which I love!

Special thanks to incredible Tamara Kelly of Moogly Blog for so generously sharing her earbud cover pattern with us.

You can access this pattern and all of her other fantastic crochet patterns by clicking here.

Be Well Friends!

Laura & Bruce

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