A Crochet Hat for Beginners

Crochet – Back to the Basics.

Some of us just take crocheting for granted.  We pick up our hook and yarn, grab a pattern and then just start.

But, there are a lot of beginners out there.  So I thought I would find a tutorial for beginners.  This one is a very simple hat.

This will take you through:

  1. Choose your Yarn
  2. Choose you Hook
  3. Figure out the size of you hat
  4. Make you slipknot
  5. Create your foundation chain
  6. Crocheting in the round
  7. Using a Double Stitch
  8. Finishing Off.

What I liked the most was the 10 second videos on each part of the project.

So take you time, watch each video and at the end you will have a hat.


Crochet A Hat For Beginners via ‘WikiHow’



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