Absolutely Gorgeous Crochet Cardigan – Paid Pattern

As I’m sure most of you know by now, I am a hard-core fan of shawls, wraps, stoles etc, so when I found this easy, trendy crochet cardigan pattern, I fell in love with it immediately.  It combines the best of both worlds in a floaty shawl-like appearance with the security of sleeves from the cardigan, so it doesn’t require adjusting to stay on, like some shawls do.

I normally only post free crochet patterns, however this cardigan is just such a gorgeous garment that I really wanted you to see it too!

If you have some experience designing, you could likely come up with something like this on your own now that you’ve seen it, and if you are a strictly “by the pattern” crocheter, you could maybe splurge a little and treat yourself to the pattern as a Valentine’s gift to yourself!  Nothin’ says love like all things yarn!

Another reason I love this style of sweater/wrap, is because with the wraparound and “long hangy” effect, it camouflages a multitude of  lumps and bumps and rolls under the garment if you still haven’t lost those extra pounds put on over the holidays!  In that, it is a girl’s best friend!

Special thanks to designer Vicky Chan for putting her Angela pattern up for sale on Ravelry.

You can purchase the pattern, called “Angela” on Ravelry by clicking here, for roughly the cost of a cup of coffee.  It is well worth it!  I’m planning to buy a copy as well, because I see that sweater in my future!  Not sure if I’m going to do the knit or crochet version yet though.  If you wanted to view the “Angelina” knit version also, please click here.

Be Well Friends!

Laura & Bruce

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