Knit or Crochet these to Help the Helpless!

You know I love yarn, and you know that I live to knit and crochet, but you likely did not know that I love critters – little critters, big critters, cuddly critters, even the aloof and antisocial critters(I love to win over the grumpy ones!  (works on hubby too!! hee hee!), and have brought my children up to do the same.  I will always have a houseful of critters, and my children have a very strong “rescue motivation” and incredible rehabilitation skills, as well, from having watched and helped me over the years of their lives.  I am very proud that this is the legacy I am leaving to my kids!

It is a beautiful thing when your two loves come together in one project – knitting and crochet + Critters = Nirvana in my books!  And now my post will make more sense!! 

There comes a time in every little critter’s life, when they must leave the warm, secure source of safety and familiarity, and Mama and literally “leave the nest” to learn how to function on their own.  This is Nature’s perfect plan when executed correctly, as evidenced in the number of thriving birds and small creatures in the world who have lived beyond their “leap of faith’ and fallen into the laps of luxury and the nests that have been specially made for them to grow up in, big and strong and playful and healthy.

Sadly however, there are those who do not fully make it, or do not quite have “what it takes” yet to make the leap, and it is for these little critters that I was hoping to ask your  help.

When these wee babies fall or are thrown from their nests, alot of times it is impossible to reunite them with their Mama, and having been away from her warmth and probably getting hungry, he/she becomes more frightened than they have ever been so far in their short little lives.  They should never know such fear, and should always have a soft, warm place to call home.!  They will have time later to worry about predators and other day to day “critter issues” if they are released back into the wild once they are better, but for now, the goal is to keep them happy and healthy and thriving!

This is where our wonderfully giving, knitting and crocheting friends enter into the equation, and  there are hundreds of little nests and hidey holes being knit and crocheted as we speak, and we can all join in and do our part with the knit and crochet patterns found by clicking here.

I would love to hear from any of you that have plans to knit or crochet a nest or nest(s) for these precious little angels.  Colors, yarns, stitches etc – seeing your nests may just inspire someone else to make nests too, and the more we can get, the more of these precious little lives we can save!   Post pictures if you would like to also please, so that we can all admire them and share ideas with one another.  It’s also a great way to use up some of your odds and ends of yarn, to help someone feel safe and loved.  In my mind, that’s a pretty good return on your investment of materials and time!

We thank you wholeheartedly for your kindness and generosity and in making all the little critter sitter nests that you are able.  Each one touches at least one precious life per year!  And, …wait for it….it’s an awesome stashbuster too!!

Be Well Friends

Laura & Bruce

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