Beginners Guide to Sock Knitting

Ever thought of Knitting Socks?

old woman knitting socksKelly has put up a great page on everything you would like to know about knitting socks.

She also has a video series showing you exactly how to cast on and doing the dreaded heal (not so bad really).

Why knit socks?  To start, sock knitting is fun. It’s a small project; a single sock knits up quite quickly. And although it seems very complicated to the uninitiated, knitting a sock is actually not that hard. Once you’ve figured out the basic template, you can knit a sock without a pattern.

It is also very portable so you can knit in a car on one of you trips.  You can adapt the pattern to fit the foot instead of a general range of sizes.  And they can be very warm and comfortable.  Especially on the cooler nights.

Here is her video on the first thing you need to do.


Visit her on Hubpages for the Full Article.

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