Of Knit Unicorns and Old Lace

One of my favorite parts of indulging in this blog, besides responding to all the questions and communicating with our readers, is responding to our reader’s requests for knit and crochet patterns.  Today is a bit of a mixed bag for you, from Free and Paid Knit Unicorn patterns to old-style lace tablecloths and doilies.

I am unsure as to the age of the child for whom the free knitted Unicorn pattern was requested, so have found several options for you to choose from!   There are also a couple of patterns for a knit horse, to which you can add a horn, and a flowing rainbow mane, and voila!  Instant Unicorn!  These patterns are terrific stash busters as well!

Without further delay, may I present for your consideration:

  1.  An Australian knitted horse pattern onto which you can fashion a horn with a little imagination, and use every vibrant color under the sun for mane and tail. With regards to making him or her a horn, you could fashion one out of knitted I-cord, or use moldable craft clay, let it dry, and then hot glue it to the horse’s forehead.  To access this pattern, please click here.
  2. FREE KNITTED PATTERN – this is suitable for a younger child because of it’s superchunky and simplistic presentation, however if giving to younger children, please be sure to use safety craft eyes or  old children will love it too, if my granddaughter’s happy face is any indication!  Please click the link in order to access this adorable friend/creature, and get a head start on your three wishes!
  3. PAID Unicorn – this guy is absolutely stunning!  He is listed as a “”Pegacorn” and is an incredibly delightful mix of Pegasus and a Unicorn.   The cost of purchasing him if $4.50 USD, however once you get a look at how cute he is, you will be quite content to purchase him and know you have received your money’s worth!
  4. PAID Unicorn –  for a only $5.00 USD, you can receive a pattern for a free knitted version of Snow White the unicorn and Liliana her baby too!   To purchase the pattern so that you can bring Snow White and her baby Liliana unicorns into your home, please click here.

Now on another topic totally, I had a reader ask me for some Free Knit Tablecloth and Doily Patterns.  I had only ever seen crocheted doilies and tablecloths, as my Grandma made oodles of crocheted Doilies, and my Auntie ‘Rene and her husband used to make and sell absolutely stunning crocheted tablecloths among other equally impressive items.  However I had never encountered a knit tablecloth or doily in my day to day life before.  Here are some Free Knit Tablecloth patterns and Free Kit Doily Patterns.  I hope they are to your liking!


  1.    Please click here for the free link to the doily called  It is very intricate and will definitely make a piece to be proud of on display in your home!
    b1 Doily
  2. To view the second set of doilies I located for our reader, please click this link

As the day rolls into this evening, I am going to leave you with the above items to dream about, plan for or even grab your knitting needles and cast on!  I will be most eager to see pictures of your finished objects and hear your feelings about the patterns, and which was your favorite!

Special thanks to all of the pattern designers who contributed to this mini-collection for all to enjoy!

I am shutting down now to watch some TV and work on my youngest son’s winter hat!   (The first of many knit hats for him this season)

Be Well Friends

Laura & Bruce





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