[Free Crochet Pattern] The Crocheted Christmas Pickle?

Do you have a crocheted pickle in your Christmas tree?  We do!

This cute little crocheted pickle pattern is easy to make up and so much fun to play with on Christmas Day!  It is based on an old (some say German/some say American) tradition of hiding a pickle in the Christmas tree once the kids have gone to bed for the night on Christmas Eve, and then the next day, Christmas Day, the child finds the Christmas Pickle in the tree wins a special giftie!

We started doing this about 3 years ago when I first discovered the tradition while looking for some fun activities for my granddaughter at Christmas Time.  Since then, she looks forward to finding the pickle every year!

He is easy to make, looks adorable – especially if you put little eyes on him to give him some personality, and will become an instant tradition at your house as well!  You could even use up all that green yarn in your leftovers stash, and make one for all of your friends too!

Special thanks to Stacy Trock of www.FreshStitches.com  for this super adorable Free Crocheted Christmas Pickle pattern and the new family Christmas tradition!  Not only does she have great patterns, but she also carries some fabulous knitting/crocheting supplies as well, including the sweetest little craft eyes for hand made stuffed animals.  I am going to be ordering some of the eyes for myself once the Christmas rush settles down and I can breathe again!

To download your very own crocheted pickle pattern so that you can make some memories too, please click here!

Be Well Friends,

Laura & Bruce

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