Crochet Stitch/Side Markers – Free Tutorial!

This photo tutorial encompasses the best of both worlds!  You already love to crochet, and when crocheting, you often need a stitch marker to mark a certain stitch, or the right side from the wrong side.

This tutorial will introduce you to a beginner level beading project – ie:  your own crochet stitch markers!  So…you can now work on your favorite craft, and learn a new craft skill at the same time, which obviously will benefit your crochet work!

Please follow the instructions in detail until you get the hang of it, and be sure that the clasp you get at the bead store is indeed a lobster clasp, because you need to open and close it on the crochet stitches, which you cannot do with an ordinary ringed knitting stitch marker!  You do not have to use just a single bead however, if you want to take a bunch of smaller beads and load them on the pin instead, that is perfectly fine!  The creativity part is up to you, all this provides are the instructions!

Also, please know that you cannot use knit stitch markers for crocheting unless they also have the lobster clasp, but you CAN use crochet stitch markers for knitting, provided the knitting needle fits through the clasp opening(or you could clasp marker into the knit stitch you are marking).

The options are truly endless here, you can make as many different stitch markers as there are beads in the world!  You could even set up a little side business making and selling your stitch markers to other crocheters, because they are so quick and easy to make!  Have a friend who loves to knit or crochet?  Make them a set of these as a gift, and tailor the beads to their color/style preferences.

Special thanks to Crochet Me magazine and Marcy Smith for sharing this awesome tutorial with us today!

To access this crochet stitch marker tutorial, please click here.

Please also remember to take a second and look at the amazing new crochet tool that I found while surfing with Bruce one day recently.  I am including the link to the write up I did on it, which you can access here.

Be Well Friends!

Laura & Bruce

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