Knit this Free Shawl/Scarf Pattern

Keep your head in the clouds or dream of marshmallows with this beautifully knit Wrapped In Clouds Shawl!

This is an interesting take on a textured knit, as it mixes two different weight yarns to have a thick and thin quality to it and makes it seem even more ethereal than the white fluffy goodness it already is!

It is knit in a soft white in the pattern, but would also look quite stunning in any other color – I’m thinking particularly rich jewel tones would do it for me.  You could also use two colors, one for the thick fuzzy yarn, and the other for the thin cotton yarn for an even more varied contrast in textures and appearance.

You could always use oddments of yarn from your yarn basket and do various colored stripes throughout if you are a fan of the stripe.

It seems to be a fairly quick and straightforward knit – good for nights of TV viewing or evenings of snuggling by a fire.

This is definitely going on my “list” as soon as I dig out from under my Christmas and post-Christmas knitting chaos!  It looks like my wool-room has imploded!

Special thanks to Nisey from for posting this lovely knit pattern!

To copy and view this cloud-soft, free knit shawl/scarf pattern, please click here.

Be Well Friends!

Laura & Bruce

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