Knitting Tool Extraordinaire!!

This amazing knitting tool will literally and absolutely save your life!  And possibly even your relationship!

When Bruce and I were surfing on the weekend, we found this little gem of a tool, and I couldn’t wait to show it to you today!  I know you will be as excited as I am, and I can’t wait for mine to arrive!

Does your partner get cranky at bedtime (Bruce does!) because he/she wants to go to sleep, but you still feel like knitting, or NEED to knit so you can zen for awhile, but don’t want to leave the bedroom because you are so comfy cozy and in your “happy place”?  You certainly don’t want to have to gather up all your supplies, put your housecoat on and trudge to another room in the house to sit uncomfortably(read:  not your cozy bed) and try to get back your knitting moj0.   This also solves the issue of night knitting when you are on a road trip, and still want to knit in the car while your partner or someone else like a friend or family member is driving the car.

This amazing little rig will completely solve that problem completely.  I mean you could try knitting in the dark and relying on your fingers to find their way – but that could cause some errors in your stitches, and who wants that??  Not me!  You could also try those knitting needles that have the lit tips, but I have always wondered how much light they really throw, and if it would be enough light to consult your pattern too.

As soon as I saw it and began contemplating the possibilities for its use, I got so excited that I ordered them on the spot!  I suggest you do the same, because they sell out fairly quickly based on what I read of their history!  The good news is that if they do run out of stock, they try to replenish it in good time, which is also wonderful.

Now I will tell you what they are.  They are called a “Fingerless Flashlight”, and it is a glove, that fits on two fingers, and that leaves the top part of the fingers open for knitting and crocheting for sure, and uses nice bright LED lights built into it and is waterproof, and has an adjustable strap to fit any hand.

It also has many more uses than just for knitting and crocheting!  Some of the other uses for this glove are: helping you to do repairs in dark areas, night fishing, and even reading at night in the dark while your partner snores(?) beside you!

To grab your tool and excitedly wait for it to “come home” to you, please click here.

Special thanks to the for adding this fantastic tool to their website!  They have lots of other neat stuff too, so be sure to take a look around the site while you are there ordering your glove(s)!  You won’t be sorry!  Great products, crazy reasonable prices, and awesome customer service!

Speaking of awesome, I also contacted the website admin over the weekend, and was able to work out a special deal on this tool for the readers of my page.  If you decide to order one of the gloves, (or two), and/or order some for your knitting or crocheting, or crafter friends(they would make great gifts!), please use the coupon code:  laura20 and get an additional 20% off of your order!

Be Well Friends!

Laura & Bruce

**Also, if you would be so kind, if you could please click on some of the ads on the Spinner’s Husband website, it would be greatly appreciated, and will go a long way in helping us keep this site with the crochet and knitting patterns, product suggestions and tools free for you!  Just clicking the ads will suffice, there is no need to purchase anything unless you see something that you want to order. We truly appreciate the help!

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