How to Properly Wash Your Wool Garments!

Let’s face it – no matter who you are, how clean and fastidious you are and how well you take care of the clothes you are wearing, they will eventually get “funky”, and ya gotta wash yer woollies!!

Special thanks to Maxim Magazine for providing us with a step by step article on how to best care for and wash and dry the woolen garments that you have purchased or have been lovingly made for you or by you.  Quality woolen items are an investment, and you need to protect that investment by caring for them as best as you can, so that hopefully you can one day, hand them down to a whole new generation who will love them and also learn how best to care for them.

You can read this instructional article on how to best wash and dry them by clicking here. 

You can also scent the water to a fragrance of your own choosing by using a couple of drops of an essential oil in the wash water.  I would recommend lavender, because it is a natural insect repellent, and adds an extra layer of protection to your handknits.

Be Well Friends!

Laura & Bruce

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