Knit or Crochet Your Way to Happiness and Better Health!

When you are stressed and have had enough of the day, what is it that you dream of sinking into an easy chair and doing?   For me, it’s knitting, crocheting, spinning or anything involving wool/yarn/fiber.  The minute I get my hands on yarn or fiber, I am immediately transported to my “happy place” where troubles and worries leave me alone for awhile!

The article found here lets us know that those who knit and/or crochet and/or spin, or work with textiles in general are going a long way to boost their mental and physical health, because of the benefits of creativity and handiwork that are to be gained from engaging in those pursuits.

When we are knitting or crocheting or working in some other manner with yarn or fiber, we actually change our brain chemistry and emit larger doses of our “feel good” hormones, and a whole host of other benefits.

I am sure you will find the article as fascinating as I did, and I for one am thrilled that I can now justify my fiber addiction!

Really Honey – it’s GOOD for me!”   Tee Hee!

Special thanks to Kathryn Harper and Life Hacks for sharing this article with us.

To read this article for yourself and learn of all the health benefits received when you knit or crochet, please click here.

Be Well and “Pet” More Yarn!

Laura & Bruce

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