Did you know Wink?

There is a spark of creativity always smoldering in all of us.  Sometimes it just takes the right image or thought for it to burst into the light!

This is a somewhat somber post, as the pattern I have for you today was created by a young lady named “Wink”.  She absolutely loved color, and absolutely loved Mandalas.   She designed countless Mandalas as her way of coping with a severe depression which was wearing her down.

She had already written one book, and had a second in the works, not quite finished before her passing, which is due to come out in the very near future.  I will post these books below for you to check them out, and the new book is available for pre-order, and will be a smash, if her first book is any indication.

However, tragically, in June, in spite of her determination to rise above it, the darkness overtook her, and she ended her life.  Her family and friends and the crocheting community as a whole are heartbroken, such talent and such promise, and such a young, beautiful life just snuffed out in an instant.

If you are feeling depressed, anxious, or alone and becoming tired and scared or too drained to fight it on your own anymore, please reach out to someone.  It can be a friend, a pastor, a crisis hotline or your doctor.  Please know that you do not have to carry the weight of your illness or your soul by yourself.

So now, in her memory, I am inviting you all to create a Mandala or Mandalas in memory of Wink, a life lost far too soon!

Mandala Closeup


You can hang it on your wall as a reminder that as long as there is life there is hope, or make many of them and turn them into a blanket, or an artistic and vibrant wall-hanging. They can also be used for potholders and hotpads(trivets), their possibilities really are endless, and their ability to spread joy, contagious.  Go wild with the colors for Wink!

See the blanket made from Wink’s own mandalas that was created after her passing.

Mandala blanket

Click here to get a pattern for one of Wink’s glorious Mandalas.



Wink’s first book “Boho Crochet” is available by clicking on it.



Her second book “Crochet Mandalas” is also available for pre-order now.



Another voice in the Crochet Community, Kathryn Vercillo has written a book called “Crochet Saved My Life, The Mental and Physical Health Benefits of Crochet”. It is a must read for anyone going through a difficult time, or struggling in an uphill battle over something in your life that you need a distraction and/or release from.  You can order it here just by clicking on the book.
Stay well friends!

Laura & Bruce

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