Crochet Sock Hats – Free Pattern for All Sizes

Crochet a Hat to Match the Socks?

crochet sock hatMikey goes into quite a lot of detail on making these hats and even more detail about the design.

The nice thing about this pattern is that he has given instructions on how to make it for Newborns up to Adult Males.  It was originally designed for an Adult Male but can be scaled down to a Baby.

Today, we are seeing these types of clothing in the main stream stores that are in hats, scarves, mittens and sweaters.

In his design, he put in ribbing just like in the original socks.

What You Need:

  • Three Skeins Yarn.
  • Size H, 5 mm Crochet Hook

The brims are characteristic of the sock hat, acting like a cuff for my inspired design.

The pom pom is optional. I think it adds a bit of flair and I am a lover of pom poms too.


You can get the Free Pattern from the Crochet Crowd here…


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