10 Crochet Tips You Need To Know

10 Tips from Rhondda that she has picked up over the years.

We all have a Toolbox of tricks that we have learned or picked up along the way.

Sometimes we remember where we got them from and other times we have been doing this for years and forgot if we figured it out ourselves or someone else showed us hoe to do this.

Rhondda is a blogger and designer at Oombawka Design.

Here are 10 of her tips that she has piccked up over the years which make crocheting a little easier.

Whether you are new to crocheting or have been doing it all you life, she has some good tips to live by.

Here are her 10 tips:

  1. Understanding turning chains
  2. Alternate ways to work into the starting chain
  3. Be consistent
  4. Yarn substitutions (how to calculate how much you need)
  5. U.S. crochet terms
  6. Create a finished edge
  7. Use the same crochet hook for the entire project
  8. Stitch multiples in patterns
  9. Wash your hook
  10. I dropped my hook!

You can get more details about her 10 Tips Here…

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