The 11 stages of knitting your first scarf

I need to Knit something, here is the process.

She talks about the 11 different stages our minds go through before we start knitting and some of our thought processes during it.

So you are coming home, surfing the internet or just watching TV.  You see a scarf for sale and go, I can make it for less than that.

You look around and eye up your grandmothers needles, check you yarn supply and start the process of making the scarf.

Stage 1: The Indecision

You’ve committed. You’ve told everyone you’re going to knit this year. You’ve laughed at their overpriced knitwear and felt smug at your self-sufficiency.

Stage 2: The Starting LineYou made it out of John Lewis, yarn in hand and a flash new pair of needles to boot (turns out they aren’t all one size fits all).

Stage 3: The First HurdleAnd you’re off. You’ve cast on, you’ve knit a few lines, you even decided to throw some purled rows in there once your mate taught you how.

Stage 4: The PanicWhere did that extra stitch come from and why is there a hole there and how did that knot end up in the middle of that row?

Stage 5: The HubrisYou can almost knit and talk at the same time, you have stitched at least up to your elbow and you’re getting cocky.

Stage 6: The Cold Tea

Boxsets are playing but you aren’t watching, social events have been forgotten, cups of tea are being abandoned in your wake.

Stage 7: The SlogYour scarf is still only the length of your arm and you are seriously considering turning it into a snood.

Stage 8: The Missed GoalsIt’s cold now. October, and it’s rustling, fire-coloured leaves, is over and in it’s wake there is driving rain and frost in the morning.

Stage 9: The Final StrawIt’s almost Christmas and you’re bored of this now. Burnt Sienna has never been your colour anyway.

Stage 10: The Finish LineYou end up waiting two weeks anyway before someone can tell you how to cast off.

Stage 11: The Glory

You waltz into the pub with your head held high.

My scarf? I made it myself. *Cue rapturous applause, a marching band and probably a proposal*

Thanks to Metro UK for this Article. You can read the full article here…

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