Crochet Child’s Version of Adult Poncho

As I mentioned yesterday, there has been a surge of “makers” to the website looking for this particular crochet poncho pattern along with the adult version.  Yesterday I gave you the adult version, and today, as promised, I will give you the child sized version!

You will definitely earn “cool factor” points with your child/grandchild if you crochet them one of these ponchos, so that it is at the ready for the back to school rush that always arises at the end of August when we all scramble trying to get wardrobe, learning supplies and all other back to school necessities gathered for the little people in our lives.

The poncho in this particular pattern is made in a solid color, however for my granddaughter who’s favorite color is “Rainbow”, I am envisioning stripes in the colors of the rainbow, using either a series of different skeins of yarn to make the rows of color, or a self striping yarn for less joining/knot tying/weaving in ends work.  It’s very versatile and can be made in any color you wish, so find out their favorite color of the moment, and make them one in that color!   Our kids will all be little “style icons” and the hit of the playground, but best of all, they will be nice and toasty warm when the fall breezes start blowing!  And that makes my heart feel glad!!

An added bonus to this pattern is that it also has a pattern for a child’s doll poncho, so she and her dolly/baby can have the same one!  I am tickled about that, it’s just such a great idea!  You could also make dolly one in other colors too, because it would be an awesome stash buster for all those yarn remnants hanging around in your stash!

Special thanks to Yarnspirations for sharing this kid’s crochet poncho pattern with us!

To download the crochet instructions, please click here.

Be Well Friends!

Laura & Bruce

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